Project Name: Korry Electronics
(a division of Esterline Corporation, NYSE)



Korry Electronics senior management engaged Capstone Partners and brokers from Pacific Real Estate Partners (now JLL) to find land suitable to build a new manufacturing headquarters facility. Capstone’s design team traveled to Asia to gain the best ideas to design and deliver the state of the art facility.  Designed starting with equipment needs first, the 216,000 square foot facility is the most advanced factory in the Esterline portfolio.  Floor, ceiling, utility, and mechanical system designs allow for 48 conversions of line operations.  To meet long term needs, structural adaptations were included to double the size of the facility without an additional foot of land.  Capstone signed a 14-acre ground lease on Paine Field in Everett, WA simultaneous with a long-term building lease with Esterline. 


Transaction Type: Development

Location: Everett, WA

Size: 216,000 SF

Building Type:Industrial and Headquarters

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